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More Time for People –
The Focus on Care

“The Human Dignity is Inviolable.”
The article 1 of the basic law is our claim.

We put the well-being of our patients at the centre of our actions, regardless of disease, gender, nationality, skin colour and religion.

Our professionals with many years of experience recognize your needs. Furthermore, they know how to classify your needs and act accordingly. In difficult life situations, we stand by your side and regularly exchange ideas with your relatives.

All accompanying processes that are not relevant to care are covered by our back office. Our staff is equipped with the latest technology that allows for quick and easy documentation, so we have more time for you.

Our professionals will provide you with the best advice while being flexible based on your needs and wishes. In this way, we aim to maintain and promote your well-being and personal self-determination.

“Quality of Service is Very Important for Us.”
The well-being of our customers is our ultimate goal.

In addition to regular audits by the medical service, our internal quality circles ensure that our service goes far beyond the legal requirements.

We also take a targeted approach to personnel selection in order to meet our quality standards. In addition to the state-certified training requirements, we attach great importance to empathy and interpersonal skills.

Our team works continuously on the further development of our care standards. Regular advanced, further training and interactive exchange of ideas with specialist institutions contribute to this quality improvement. In the development area of our partner company Anylink Systems AG, research is carried out to improve processes and communication options.


Our mission: More time for the people
Every person has an individual treasure of life experience and memories that is infinitely valuable for our society. The most precious thing we can return is time for devoted care and personal conversations.

Our goal: More solidarity in society
We want to enable our clients to enjoy a self-determined and comfortable life in their own homes for as long as they wish, regardless of their illness, gender, nationality, skin colour or religion. Our offer goes far beyond the classic services of ambulatory care: By establishing a regional helper network, we want to connect people and sustainably strengthen social harmony.

Our view of humanity
We treat everyone with esteem, respect and a friendly attitude. Our interaction is characterised by an attitude of partnership and mutual appreciation. We perceive people as personalities with individual life experiences and respect their dignity, habits and wishes, taking into account their cultural and religious needs.

Holistic approach to care
We place the individual needs of our patients at the centre of our day-to-day activities. With enabling care, we support them in personal responsibility and independence in order to maintain involvement in social life. We advise relatives in all concerns and actively engage them in the care process. We are guests in our customers' homes and see them as a significant place for their personal well-being. We also stand by them in difficult phases of life.

Competent approach for a high level of safety
Clear organisational procedures and reliable communication methods are essential for high-quality care services and provide security of action. We react with flexibility, rapidly and in a qualified manner to any changes and ensure a professional exchange with contractual and cooperation partners. We take criticism positively and see it as an opportunity to constantly improve ourselves. We work with technical solutions that make planning and documentation quick, easy and safe. We strive to continuously improve our quality management.

Good care by a good team
Our team moulds and structures the way to achieve our vision. Our employees are committed, responsible, cooperative and professionally competent. They regularly take part in training and further education. When selecting new colleagues, we look for high social and professional competences.

More appreciation for the caring profession
Caring for others is a deeply emotional experience and makes a significant contribution to social welfare. We honour this contribution with above-average pay, the best equipment and individual opportunities for personal and professional development for our staff. In connection with our corporate identity, we would like to generate more respect for the care occupation.


Our dynamic team has many years of professional experience and expert competence to deal with all the relevant situations. Ours established assistance, further education and training ensure continuous improvement in our services.
Daniel Neubaur: Managing Director & Nursing Manager (Neustadt a.d. Donau)
Christoph Spreitzhofer: Managing Director
Christine Kröker Authorized Representative,
Tel.: 08407 939 333 17
Nathalie Kara Recruiter, Head of Payroll
Tel.: 08407 939 333 0
Monique Buchhold Human Resources Administrator
Tel.: 08407 939 333 0
Sarah Neubaur Accounting
Tel.: 09445 205 417 0
Nicole Zölder Marketing
Tel.: 08407 939 333 26
Carolin Koppa Quality Management
Tel.: 08407 939 333 13
Daniel L
Daniel Lisowski Main Branch Manager,
Nursing Manager, Nurse Instructor
Tel.: 08407 939 333 12
Andrea Marincat Deputy Head of Nursing
Tel.: 08407 939 333 0
Regina Mirbeth Head of Everyday Care, Administration,
Home Care (Großmehring)
Tel.: 08407 939333 24
Nicole Szymiczek Administration
Tel.: 08407 939 333 0
Kathrin Wabnitz Deputy Head of Nursing,
Quality Management
(Neustadt a. d. Donau)
Tel.: 09445 205417 0
Sandra Pieper Planning Management
(Neustadt a. d. Donau)
Tel.: 09445 205 417 3
Linda Schmailzl Administration
(Neustadt a. d. Donau)
Tel.: 09445 205417 0
Mirsada Okanovic Administration
(Neustadt a. d. Donau)
Tel.: 09445 205 417 0
Sabrina Sommer Nursing Manager
Tel.: 09441 185 381 02
Yvonne Heider Administration
Tel.: 09441 185 381 0

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