Donation Campaign for Ukraine

Donation Campaign for Ukraine
Thank You!

We organised a fundraising campaign for Ukraine on 8-10 March 2022.

We would like to thank you for your willingness to help and the numerous donations in kind!

A big thank you also to our employees, suppliers and partners who supported us with their donations:

Dirnbergermühle Training Centre
Violet Cosmetics-Vertriebs
Klemen Homecare GmbH
VIVISOL Germany GmbH
Medical supply store WFP
Schwan Inn

Further thanks go to the city of Neustadt for their quick and unbureaucratic official assistance!

All donations were taken to the vaccination centre in Kelheim for further distribution, where they were handed over to RKT Rettungsdienst OHG. They regularly travel to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

If you would like to support the organisation, you are welcome to donate here: