Diverse outpatient care service in the heart of Kelheim

New location in Kelheim opened

Pro Lebensfreude GmbH opens its third location in the midst of Kelheim’s numerous medical facilities.

The managing directors Christoph Spreitzhofer and Daniel Neubaur wanted to “be present” with the third location of their outpatient care service Pro Lebensfreude GmbH. The ideal office space was available at Schäfflerstraße 14, opposite the Kelheim shopping center. On 05.12.2022, the official opening ceremony took place with District Administrator Martin Neumeyer and Kelheim’s third mayor Johanna Frischeisen.

“Nursing is difficult, it is exhausting and you certainly have to have an open mind. But you also get a lot of rewards doing it, and it is so important. I hope you will always enjoy your job and that you will be around for a long time, because we certainly all need you someday.” said District Administrator Neumeyer to the staff. Johanna Frischeisen brought an umbrella with her, symbolically offering protection for stormy times.

The Kelheim care and support team has been part of the company since February after another care service went out of business: “We took over customers and employees at very short notice and initially handled day-to-day business through our branch in Neustadt until all the organizational details had been sorted out. This meant that supplies could continue and jobs could be secured. Now, however, the location is running independently, and with the move we are opening a new chapter. Now we can really get going.” reports Spreitzhofer.

1,0 from the medical service

Under these conditions, the annual audit by the Medical Service took place this summer and was completed with the top grade of 1,0. Neubaur says: “We are particularly proud of this, because the circumstances were not easy. Of course, a takeover like this initially unsettles the workforce. That was already a special team achievement.”

Arousing enthusiasm for nursing

For the coming year, the care service, which is active in the areas of nursing, care and housekeeping has set itself the goal of convincing the people of Kelheim of its merits and continuously expanding the team. Anyone, who is socially committed, can become part of the team. Keywords such as neighborhood assistance and modern care aids are intended to make living together better. “After all, we all wish to be able to grow old in our own homes. We want to make that possible through professional, heartfelt care. We want to integrate care into everyday life. In addition, our mission is to generate enthusiasm for the nursing profession. Many people are looking for a meaningful job and anyone can learn nursing, there are so many opportunities for qualification,” explains Neubaur.